• Data Recovery

    Data Recovery

    We offer data recovery services in Toronto (GTA) area for Macintosh and PC systems. We have the experience, expertise, and…

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  • Data Destruction/Recycle

    Data Destruction/Recycle

    We offer hard drive and media destruction. Erase your hard drives before they’re decommissioned, to prevent your sensitive data from…

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  • Networking, Wifi, VOIP

    Networking, Wifi, VOIP

    We have been dealing with many of the telecommunications vendors within North America and can give our customers many different…

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  • Computer and Software Sales

    Computer and Software Sales

    We have been purchasing and selling IT equipment for customers for over 20 years and know all the ins and…

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  • Computer Consulting

    Computer Consulting

    Does your business have an IT project that could use some expert advice? Our consultants at TechXGroup take the time…

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  • Computer Repair and Support

    Computer Repair and Support

    One thing you can be assured of with TechXGroup, your computer, laptop or PC is in good hands. Our trained…

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